The Enemy of My Enemy (Brainrush 2) by Richard Bard [Kindle Edition]

The Enemy of My Enemy (Brainrush 2) by Richard Bard [Kindle Edition]

Book Description
When a freak accident gave Jake Bronson near-superhuman mental powers and landed his loved ones in the crosshairs of an Islamic terrorist, the only way out was with guns blazing. But Jake was unable to put a stop to his nightmares or his murderous nemesis, Luciano Battista, in that ferocious showdown in the mountains of Afghanistan. Now the terror czar and his minions have brought the fight to American soil—along with the most terrifying bioweapon that has ever threatened the free world. They demand vengeance, and Jake’s family and friends are caught in the crossfire.

From California’s beaches and Mexico’s deserts to the depths of a raging underground river and the treacherous Venezuelan jungle, Jake and his unlikely alliance of combat veterans and gangsters wage a rolling war of wits, weapons, and indomitable will—to rescue those they love and to stop a madman’s bid for global conquest dead in its tracks.


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