The Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill

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Dare to Parent in Today's World
A Must Read for Every Mom
The Passionate Mom is a book every mother will enjoy. The author, Susan Merrill, has done a magnificent job of causing the reader to really look at themselves and their relationship with their child. Using the 10 P's (perception, ponder, passion, prayer, patience, preparation, purpose, planning, problem solving and perseverance) will help the reader find ways to help themselves and their children.
"Like the Merrill’s, my wife, Debbie, and I have five children. We know what it is like to ask the question, “am I doing this right?” when it comes to raising your kids. Susan Merrill has a sincere passion to help mothers. It is only fitting that her book, The Passionate Mom, would seek to help other mothers regain that passion that is often lost in a sea of questions. Susan gives us solid guidance on how parents, especially moms, can protect our kids and point them to a secure future." - one reader's review. 

Motherhood is full of uncertainty. What do my children really need? Why are they doing that? Is this normal?  What can I do to help them? How can I know for certain that I am doing this right?

The logistics are easy. Anybody can do laundry and carpool. But what makes a mother the best mom she can be? 

It’s not better scheduling. Or more activities. Or less. 

It is passion—the passion to teach, protect, study, and prepare her children for the future.

Great, but how?
Susan Merrill, the mother of five incredibly different children, has asked that question countless times. And she has read countless answers specific to a certain child’s temperament, age, or situation. But nothing she read offered an overall approach to parenting that would enable her to say with confidence, “I am doing this right.” She never guessed she would find a foundational plan—a reliable, universal parenting approach in the Old Testament book of Nehemiah.

In The Passionate Mom, Susan takes you on a journey through Nehemiah and into the heart of parenting. Her stories and confessions in every chapter reveal what she has learned: no mom can control her child’s future, but every mom can parent well. There is a plan—a roadmap for how a passionate mom can parent
almost any child, confidently.

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